Saturday, 16 November 2013

Footcare Insoles, Diabetic foot insoles,insoles for diabetic feets

The Best Selection of Inserts and Insoles for Ball of Foot Pain Relief. Whether you have Metatarsalgia, Morton's Neuroma, Sesamoiditis, or forefoot pain from standing & Playing all day. Check out the selection of  Foot Inserts that provide the best in Cushioned Foot Pain Relief.
footcare insoles  ensure that you  have the healthy feets and best health. Our products are carefully selected to meet a wide range of needs.

Boyner Clinic, leading specialist in diagnosis of foot problems and production of thermoformed planter in-soles has brought 25 year old French technology to India.
Boyner Clinic is a specialist podiatry clinic. It specialises in production of customized Insoles for biomechanical correction. The Orthotic insoles yield best results with no side effects. These are ergonomically designed and restore normal mechanics of walking.
Boyner Clinic has a team of highlyspecialized domain experts including podiatrists, technicians and experienced professionals. Boyner’s exclusive thermoforming concept, the ‘Proform Module’ gives patients safe and effective solutions for relief from pains. The foot, ankle, knee, hip and back benefit the most from this new technology. Boyner’s unique design and material composition gives the wearer the combination of support and cushioning. Diagnosis of patient's foot is taken with the help of machines imported from France.
The field of Podiatry is a specialized branch and it is practiced widely in most of Europe and other western countries. In India it is in its infantile stage though the doctors have started realizing its importance due to the increasing number of foot problems in Indian population.
Boyner Clinic uses the exclusive thermoforming concept, the ‘Proform Module’. With the help of machines by which process of Diagnosis, Testing, Moulding and Grinding takes places are imported from France for best results.

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